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Dear visitors of the congress "Culture of Peace", we look back on three eventful days filled with fascinating lectures, discussions and workshops. We will try to document the the congress in detail.

Below you will find the speeches and presentations that were held in English.

Culture of Peace

A Small Report from the Congress

From September 12th to 14th IPPNW Germany held its 3rd Open Congress for a Culture of Peace in the Urania in Berlin.  For three days 700 participants and experts were debating to identify paths to recovery and to promote constructive proposals for more peaceful world order. More than 50 experts from all over the world gave lectures, from Ecuador, Kenya, Canada, South Africa or Palestine.



Dr. Mary-Wynne Ashford
"Civil Society: The Second Super Power"
Power Point presentation as PDF-file »
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Dr. Ira Helfand
"Climate and Health Effects of Regional Nuclear War"
Power Point presentation as PDF-file »

Dr. phil. nat. Wolfgang Liebert
"Expansion Scenarios Based on Current Technology"
Power Point presentation as PDF-file »

Dr. David McCoy
"Poverty, Health and a bit about the Global Health Watch"
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Prof. Dr. Dr. Horst-Eberhard Richter
"Culture of Peace"
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Dr. Achmad Abu Tawahina
"Impact of Siege on Palestinian Families in the Gaza strip"
Power Point presentation as PDF-file »

Miri Weingarten
"Challenges to Medical Access from Gaza"
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