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Wednesday, 8. February 2023

Workshop 7

Firearm Injuries in Kenya

Who pays the price?

The illicit trade and use of SALW (small arms and light weapons) is one of the worlds major problems. According to the Small Arms Survey (Geneva) there are more than 630 Million firearms worldwide and researchers estemate that a high procentage circulates in develloping countries. Compared to other weapon systems, SALW are cheap, easy to access and recycable. A Russian made AK-47 Kalashnikov can last for over 40 years and can in some regions of the world be bought for less than 100 USD. The overwhelming number of victims in conflicts are injured or killed by SALW. Thus researchers today call SALW the “real weapons of mass destruction”.

Africa with its high number of conflict and post-conflict regions suffers extremely from the human-impact of SALW. Armed groups are able to destabilize whole countries as we see it daily in some regions of DRC, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and also Kenya. In Nairobi (Kenya) IPPNW regularly undertakes research about the individual human impact of firearm injuries. In this workshop we want to present a part of our results and discuss about ways to prevent gunshot violence.    

Dr. Walter Odhiambo (IPPNW Kenya)
Dr. Florian Hugenberg (IPPNW Germany)